All Weather Awnings

All Weather Awnings in Kent

We all know that we’re going to experience sudden showers every once in a while. Since the UK is always in or near the path of the polar front jet stream, England naturally has a fairly complex climate. The constant meeting of dry continental air and moist maritime air creates significant differences in temperature ranges, leading to random occurrences of various weather conditions in a single day. In other words, we should always be prepared.

Combatting Capricious Weather

The sun shines for about 1,340 hours every year in England, making it warmer and sunnier than other countries in the UK. The south, receives significantly more sunshine than other regions.

However, this is not to say that Kent doesn’t experience fluctuating temperatures and inclement weather. Kent is one of the warmest parts of Britain, but is also susceptible to unpredictable rainfall.  All Weather Awnings provide a level of protection and are a great solution for properties in Kent.

At Shaded Cube, we carry a range of All Weather Awnings that maintain your comfort outdoors, no matter the weather. Installed over patios and gardens, our All Weather Awnings can shield you from bright daylight or heavy rainfall. Unlike our folding arm awnings, these Pergola style awnings are supplied with framed support which allows the awning fabric to stay out in the rain and wind.  The awning will still retract onto its cassette leaving the patio open to the light. Available in a vast array of colours, we’ll help you find the option that suits your property best.

Impeccable Quality

Shaded Cube designs and manufactures our All Weather Awnings to withstand a vast array of climates, from warm and dry to gloomy and wet. Our team uses high-quality products in constructing our awnings, producing outstanding results. With great attention to detail, we create shading solutions that are designed to last.

Shaded Cube is a family-run business that creates and installs a wide range of awnings to suit your outdoor space. We advise and guide you throughout the whole process, ensuring easy installation with minimal disruption. Whether it’s a sunny day or a rainy evening, you can make the most of your outdoors with your All Weather Awning.