Awnings in Beckenham

Durable Awnings in Beckenham

These days, the weather can be unpredictable. But don’t let this stop you from enjoying your
beautiful patio anytime you want. Install one of our awnings or pergola awnings in your
Beckenham home today.

Sturdy, Stylish Patio Shading

At Shaded Cube, we carry a range of stylish retractable awnings. These awnings let you to sit under the patio protected from harmful UV rays during the day and give you an unobstructed view of the sky at night. Our retractable awnings are made with a light aluminium frame and automatic retractors. When retracted, the canopies are neatly and fully tucked into a sealed cassette box for superior protection. If, however, you want a permanent patio shading, you can’t go wrong with our pergola awnings. They come with sturdy frames and PVC coated fabric canopies that protect your outdoor space all year round. No matter which awning you choose, you can expect a sturdy, stylish patio shading from us. Our awnings not only cover your patio but also your doors or windows, reducing the level of heat inside your home. They even help prevent fading of your carpets and other indoor furnishings. Our awnings are available in an array of styles, colours and shape profiles that blend with many home designs today.

Why Choose Our Awnings?

Durable: Our retractable and pergola awnings are made to withstand harsh weather elements. Enjoy your balcony or patio longer with our sturdy awnings.

Style options: With over 170 awning fabrics, 200 frame colours and various shape profiles, we give you a wide array of style options. Find an awning that best suits the look of your home, adding a significant kerb appeal to your Beckenham property.

Affordable: Our awnings range from starter to designer and available at different price points. There’ll be one that fits your design preference and budget.

Commercial-grade: Our awnings are manufactured to be suitable for both domestic and commercial properties. If you need a retractable awning for your coffee shop or bookstore, you can count on our team to supply and install one that meets the requirements of your location.

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