Retractable and Pergola Awnings in East Sussex

Modern and Stylish

No need to cancel every outdoor party in the name of bad weather. Our pergola rain awnings in East Sussex protect you during England’s wettest months. From light drizzles to heavy rainfall, you can depend on our pergola awnings to keep you warm and dry, even if you’re on your patio.

Maybe you prefer a retractable awning to protect you from light drizzles or UV rays? Well with the push of a button, our retractable awnings unfold and retract. The awnings will settle smoothly into position and let you make the most of the outdoors.

Additionally, you have a wide selection of fabric hues to choose from to compliment your property perfectly.

Pergola Awnings

Any building could use a little shelter from the rain, which is why Shaded Cube extends its services to both home and business owners. After all, families and customers would love to stay outside and enjoy some fresh air from time to time.

Special attention is given to the pergola awning’s capability to handle rainwater. The sturdy frame supports the fabric in such a way that it allows rainwater to run off efficiently. The fabric is designed to hold water, so the rain won’t seep in and drop onto your patio.

Retractable Awnings

Come the warm months, the retractable awnings guard you against harmful UV rays. Blocking the sunlight means your furniture’s colours won’t fade easily and your interiors stay cool.

A Durable Selection by Shaded Cube

With years of experience, Shaded Cube executes the installation efficiently and with minimal disruption. In fact, we’ve installed several awnings within a day. Made from high-quality materials — both fabric and frame — our East Sussex awnings are made to last.

Get a free site visit from our team, and we’ll inspect your outdoor space, recommend the best rain awnings and provide a free quote. Take advantage of our competitive prices, too.

Call us today and let’s get your patio ready come rain or shine.

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Our Range of Retractable Awnings

Cassita ll

Elegant design and full of brand new technology

I/K/N 2000

Tried-and-tested, classic cassette awning


Smart technology forms the backbone of this minimalist design


Stands out for its timeless, classic design


A fresh, youthful design with proven technology

Semina Life

All-rounder among cassette-awnings


High on quality, low on budget the perfect model to get you started


The designer awnings among all awnings and shades

Our Range of Retractable Awnings

PergoTex ll

Rain-proof, wind stable and completely retractable

Plaza Viva

This is alfresco living in almost any weather conditions!


Smart technology forms the backbone of this minimalist design

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