Retractable Awnings and Pergola Awnings Supplier in Sevenoaks

Range of Awnings in Sevenoaks

Enjoy your outdoor space at home regardless of the weather with our ever-dependable retractable awnings and pergolas. From our headquarters in Tremaine Road, London, we provide a wide range of awning options to customers in Sevenoaks.

Complete your outdoor retreat at home with our range of retractable and pergola awnings.

What We Offer

We carry a range of retractable awnings equipped with a light aluminium frame, automatic retractors and UV-blocking, Cabrio-Folded canopies that neatly tuck into a cassette box when retracted. They are your best choices if you occasionally like to soak up the sun or see the stars directly overhead at night.

If, however, you want a sturdier and more permanent patio roof, our pergola awnings would be excellent choices. They have sturdy frames with PVC-coated fabric canopies. Once erected and bolted into place, our pergolas can shade and protect your outdoor space all year round.

Our pergola awnings also give you the exciting opportunity to have something like a conservatory at a fraction of the price. Once you have a Shaded Cube pergola in place, it’s just a matter of adding pre-fabricated walls and doors to the frame for you to maximise your enjoyment of the space.

Why Choose Our Awnings

  • Functional – Sit in comfort out in your patio whether the sun is at its peak or the sky has cleared up. We have reliable awnings that provide shade from scorching sunlight and sturdy models that can withstand a downpour or strong winds.
  • Affordable – Find an awning that fits your budget. Our products range from designer to starter, and at varying prices.
  • Seamless – Whether you choose a pergola awning or one of our retractable varieties, you’ll have outdoor roofing that connects seamlessly to your home.
  • Durable – Get your money’s worth when you buy awnings from Shaded Cube. From design to materials, our products weather the outdoors over a considerable period.

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Our Range of Retractable Awnings

Cassita ll

Elegant design and full of brand new technology

I/K/N 2000

Tried-and-tested, classic cassette awning


Smart technology forms the backbone of this minimalist design


Stands out for its timeless, classic design


A fresh, youthful design with proven technology

Semina Life

All-rounder among cassette-awnings


High on quality, low on budget the perfect model to get you started


The designer awnings among all awnings and shades

Our Range of Retractable Awnings

PergoTex ll

Rain-proof, wind stable and completely retractable

Plaza Viva

This is alfresco living in almost any weather conditions!


Smart technology forms the backbone of this minimalist design

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