Beautiful Pergola and Retractable Awnings in Tonbridge

Love hanging out outdoors? Don’t let the lousy weather keep you from enjoying your outdoor space. Shaded Cube installs retractable and pergola awnings in Tonbridge that shield your patio from the both sun’s harsh rays and heavy rains, while enhancing your home’s curb appeal. Need attractive, high-quality awnings for your office? The Shaded Cube team also handles commercial awning installation projects.

Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings are for you if you want something that’s a little less permanent. With a single push of a button, these awnings retract back in and sit flush against the wall.

Our retractable awnings are made with thick, UV-buffering fabric that shields you from potentially harmful UV rays, while keeping your patio furniture from fading. Go for sleek monochromatic hues or go crazy with colours — as we feature an extensive selection of fabric hues, it’s easy for you to choose the colour that complements your building’s existing design.

What’s more, our retractable awnings are made of hard-wearing materials, so they can stand light showers and wind.

Pergola Awnings

Pergola awnings offer a permanent structure to support a fully water and wind proof shaded space,  shielded from the white-hot sun, summer showers and even monsoon storms.  While pergola awnings also do a good job at blocking UV rays, they don’t block the sun out completely. This makes pergola awnings the perfect choice for those who enjoy an early morning or late afternoon sun. Still fully retractable, the fabric cover slides away into a neat cassette against the wall. These offer a great option for commercial locations where a shaded and sheltered outdoor space is guaranteed.

Not only do pergola awnings offer superb protection against inclement weather conditions – they also make a romantic, elegant addition to your home’s façade, or the perfect evening setting for restaurant dinning.

Add glass doors to the Pergola awning to create a Veranda with a retractable roof. This is the ultimate in flexible use of outdoor space. When the roof and doors are retracted, the patio area is completed open. Closed up it is a cosy, beautifully lit and romantic space with uninterrupted views of the garden.

Awnings from Shaded Cube

Never let the gloomy weather ruin your outdoor experience by having Shaded Cube install high-quality awnings on your property at competitive prices. Our expert installation team brings years of experience to the table, so we can work quickly without compromising the quality of work. Also available for offices.

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Our Range of Retractable Awnings

Cassita ll

Elegant design and full of brand new technology

I/K/N 2000

Tried-and-tested, classic cassette awning


Smart technology forms the backbone of this minimalist design


Stands out for its timeless, classic design


A fresh, youthful design with proven technology

Semina Life

All-rounder among cassette-awnings


High on quality, low on budget the perfect model to get you started


The designer awnings among all awnings and shades

Our Range of Pergola Awnings

PergoTex ll

Rain-proof, wind stable and completely retractable

Plaza Viva

This is alfresco living in almost any weather conditions!


Smart technology forms the backbone of this minimalist design

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