Playing with light


This is an elegant louvered roof formed by slats opened and closed by an almost silent motor. When the slats are closed, the roof forms a waterproof cover, creating a shady and sheltered spot in your garden. When open, the slats create a pattern of shade across the space adding to the whole architectural effect of the installation.


The Plantation model has the same features as the Glade, but with the added option of retracting blades.  Once retracted, the area underneath is completely open to the sky allowing true sun worshipers a chance to sunbathe in complete comfort.

Enhancing options

Additions include:

  • Sliding glass doors
  • Fixed glass walls
  • LED lights
  • Infra-Red heaters
  • Vertical zip screens
  • Sun/wind sensors
  • Width: maximum 7 meter (linked)
  • Post height: 2.5 meter
  • Projection: maximum 6.057 meter
  • Five-year warranty

Robust and Stylish

High-spec detailed finishes, robust aluminum construction and stylish design, delivered in any colour you wish as standard, this deluxe outdoor lifestyle product will be an impressive eye catching addition to your garden.

Ideal for a free standing gathering place by the house or further down the garden in full sun.

Perfect for outdoor kitchen use.

Great cover for hot tubs


Swimming pools

An elegant architecturally pleasing statement shelter in the perfect location.

These garden features can be a suitable solution for every situation.

The bladed frame can also be mounted on any structure, wooden, stone or brick.

Elegant Bladed Pergola’s by Shaded Cube

Reach out to Shaded Cube and get your home lovely, all-weather garden awnings. Expect easy installation with minimal disruption. In fact, we can install your awnings in as fast as a day! And as a family-run business, we offer nothing less than high-quality products for competitive prices.

You have the option of picking out manual or motorised awnings; both are nearly silent and easy to operate so it’s up to your tastes. Take advantage of our free site visit, where we’ll inspect your patio, recommend the ideal garden awnings design and provide a quote.

Call us and let’s install functional and beautiful garden awnings for your home or business.

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