Captivating Glass Room Conservatories in Beckenham

For many homeowners, the patio is a special area in the home for relaxation and comfort. It’s a space where we can enjoy a little quiet time on our own but is also versatile enough for family time or to entertain friends. However, the capricious weather in Beckenham can sometimes hinder your plans to enjoy the outdoors and the company of others.

With a Shaded Cube glass room conservatory, you have an uninterrupted view of your garden all year round. Glass rooms are architecturally driven and frameless structures that will lend a modern, elegant appeal to your home. Aside from being a stylish feature that can enhance the exterior of your home, our glass rooms are extremely durable and easy to maintain because of the hard-wearing glass surface.

We incorporate an internal or external awning to be extended to cope with the hot summer. This cuts out the blinding sun and more importantly the intense heat from the sunlight.  We supply LED lighting and Infra-Red heaters into our designs. This takes care of the “too hot in Summer and too cold in Winter” aspect of other conservatory styles

Here at Shaded Cube, we believe there’s no such thing as bad weather – as long as you are properly prepared. If you live in Beckenham, you can enjoy your patio all year round in with our modern and sophisticated glass room conservatories.  The quality glass panes and minimal frames are made to last, so you can maximise the benefits of a sheltered outdoor space.

Enjoy the great outdoors

With Shaded Cube’s elegant glass rooms, you can spend time on your patio without the worry of unpredictable weather. With this additional feature on your patio, you can entertain guests, have a romantic dinner or simply sip a coffee and read while enjoying the views of your garden, come rain or shine.

Captivating addition to any home

Whether you are building a new house or just looking to add value to your property, a stunning and durable glass door from Shaded Cube will become an architectural highlight and well-used extension of your home. Because of the versatile design, our glass rooms complement any home design– from modern to traditional.

No one knows what your home needs more than you. With our customisable glass doors, you can choose to install only the glazed roof also add glass side panels to keep the warmth. If you opt for a fully enclosed glass room, you can choose among sliding, hinged or folding doors. We provide other add-ons, including awnings above or below the roof, LED lighting and electric Infra-Red heaters.

Enhance your patio with Shaded Cube

With Shaded Cube, adding a lightweight glass room does not require the inconvenience of messy foundation construction. This also means that you are unlikely to need planning permission. Our team of experts provides fast and efficient installation of glass room conservatories in Beckenham which you can immediately enjoy after completion. Contact us today and let’s give your home a durable and elegant glass room.

Important Features


Planning permission not always required


No messy foundations


Fast efficient installations


Soft close doors


Usable all year round


All sides fully opening


LED Lights and Heating


Awning above or below roof

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