You can buy awnings and pods online for less than we offer. Like most things, you are paying for both service and a different quality of product.

This is mainly as you can only buy stock awning sizes online. They are shipped in from the Far-East in containers and you have to fit them yourself. We make every awning, pergola, external blind and awning bracket according to your specific requirements so it fits your space like a glove.

Online sites will not provide personal advice face-to-face either. Our homes are rarely square boxes – we have downpipes and hanging tiles and bifold doors and hanging baskets etc. This isn’t a purchase you make every week – talking to someone who has seen hundreds of external shading installations will give awning and canopy options that you may not know about.

The online awnings will not be the same quality. You will buy something which will probably only last you a couple of years. We install products to last 15-20 years.

These awnings are offered on a supply only basis. You might be OK at DIY, but awnings can require specialist knowledge about weight bearing and torque. You could get a builder or handyman to fit it for you, but be careful. We have seen awnings installed on hanging basket brackets or planks of wood which have then damaged the brickwork and the structural integrity of the building. Our team are trained and experienced installers with the right specialist tools and fixings.

Remember – with an awning you are installing the equivalent of a yacht sail on the side of your house. If the wind blows you do not want it to try to send part of your house down the garden! Get the professionals to help you with your awning.