Install Patio Roofs in Beckenham to Enjoy Your Outdoor Space

Your patio shouldn’t be only functional during the summer. Let us install elegant patio roofs in
your Beckenham home or business property and you can enjoy your patio and garden
throughout most of the year.

Stylish, Sturdy Patio Roofs

At Shaded Cube, we manufacture and install stylish, long-lasting patio roofs. They come with a highly durable fixed frame to support the laminated glass roof. They also have integrated gutters that provide a section to house channels for cables should you decide to add LED lights or infrared heaters on the patio. With sturdy frames, laminated roofs and gutters, our patio roofs can protect you from harsh weather elements. You can spend time in the patio without having to worry about sunburn, rain and strong winds. Our patio roofs are also designed to complement or even upgrade the look of your home or business property. You can choose from our two gorgeous models: Riva and Garda, both of which you can have customised since we have a variety of roof shapes and colours. Feel free to tell us your requirements.

Fast, Efficient Installation

Our patio roofs don’t require foundations; all we have to do is to place the sturdy frames on your patio securely. Planning permission may not also be necessary for this project. We can finish the installation quickly, so you can enjoy your new patio roof right away. With over 35 years of experience, we ensure our installation is fast and efficient without compromising quality. If you need lighting, heating, doors and other elements on your patio, our team can provide it along with the roof installation. If your home or business property have a specific exterior layout, we will accommodate it. Let’s discuss such requirements during a site visit or, consultation. Contact us today to schedule a free site visit.

Important Features


Planning permission not always required


No messy foundations


Fast efficient installations


Soft close doors


Usable all year round


Awning above or below roof


LED Lights and Heating

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