Patio Roofs in Bromley

Patio Roofs Bromley

Bromley experiences mild summers, mild winters and random rainfall throughout the year. Some of us prefer sunny days, while some others enjoy bundling up on a windy day. Regardless of which weather you like best, you can still bask in the outdoors if you have the right type of patio roof.

A patio roof turns a paved outdoor space into a sheltered veranda area. It enables you to unwind and extend your time outdoors, especially during pleasant spring and autumn days. At Shaded Cube, we offer the Garda or Riva patio roof to keep you comfortable as well as to protect your garden furniture all year round.

Riva and Garda Patio Roofs in Bromley

Do you like to de-stress from work by spending time outdoors? Do you clear your mind and regain focus by observing your beautiful garden? You can remain safe from wind, water and other weather elements if you install a Riva or Garda patio roof in your Bromley property.

Both the Riva and Garda models uses a fixed frame to support a laminated glass roof and integrated gutters. It features an elegant and practical design. You can add fabric awnings for shade on bright summer days and enliven evening parties. You can even opt to install LED lights and infrared heaters that keep the patio warm and cosy during chilly nights.

Our team at Shaded Cube can assure you of a patio roof that is elegantly constructed and attractively designed. The Riva and Garda are highly durable as well. In addition to your comfort and peace of mind, it provides protection of your patio furniture from damage due to the weather.

Installation by Shaded Cube

At Shaded Cube, we install Riva and Garda patio roofs for Bromley homeowners and commercial property owners. We can also add lighting, heating and glass sides or doors if necessary. Our team guarantees fast and efficient installation that does not require planning permission. So, contact us now to schedule a free site visit.

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