Patio Roofs in Sevenoaks

Patio Roof Installation Sevenoaks

See to your comfort and protection every time you relax outdoors at home by installing a roof over your balcony or patio. When you’re not worrying about your furniture getting damaged by rain or debris, you can fully enjoy every minute you spend outside.

  • Year-long access to the outdoors
  • Protection from the rain
  • Simple yet flexible design
  • Low-maintenance roofing
  • Reasonable prices
  • Easy to install

You can look forward to the above benefits and more when you choose Shaded Cube as your patio roof supplier and installer.

Choose a Patio Roof from Shaded Cube

Make your Sevenoaks home more appealing with our selection of glass patio roofs. We supply several types of patio roofs to suit your budget, all of which are from reliable manufacturers of garden and patio roofing.

Our patio roofs all use durable, high-quality materials and are designed with the Sevenoaks environment and climate in mind. They’re made of sturdy frames with 10.88mm laminated glass and integrated gutters. They also have provisions for fabric awnings, lights and infrared heaters.

Lastly, our patio roofs have simple designs that pair well with most types of facades, from wood and stone to stucco and concrete.

Extend Your Living Space to the Outdoors

Don’t let mercurial weather patterns dictate when you get to enjoy the outdoors in the spring and summer. Our patio roofs’ glass panels offer protection from the rain and falling debris without blocking sunlight. You’ll be able to enjoy the first rays of sunshine in March through to the end of summer in June, even when it rains.

When you have a glass roof over your balcony or patio, you can set out comfortable chairs, sofas and tables and extend your living or dining area in an instant. You gain extra square footage and give your home a better view, both from the inside and out on the pavement.

Maximise your plot of land and create a lovely, relaxing space for yourself and your family.

Important Features


Planning permission not always required


No messy foundations


Fast efficient installations


Soft close doors can be added


Usable all year round


Awning above or below roof


LED Lights and Heating

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