Sleek and Sturdy Patio Roofs in Tonbridge

Love spending time outdoors in spring and autumn? Extend the outdoor season by having Shaded Cube install a patio roof.

Shade Cube installs the kind of patio roofs in Tonbridge that let you sit outside and enjoy nature, under the summer sunshine or in the rain. What’s more, our patio roofs protect your garden furniture against discolouration caused by UV rays.

Take a Look at the Garda

For your protection and privacy needs, Shade Cube offers the sleek and elegant Garda. The Garda’s design is practical yet elegant: sturdy, fixed frames; a roof made of durable laminated glass; and integrated gutters that double as channels for cabling infrared heaters or LED lights. You can also ask us to add a fabric awning to add shade and a pop of colour to your home’s façade.

Want to take your outdoor space to a new level? Ask us about adding glass sides or doors to your roofing.

The Garda lets you convert a simple outdoor into a cosy space perfect for lazy afternoons and peaceful, quiet nights.

Why Install a Patio Roof?

The appeal of our patio roof lies in its attractive shape, unique design, elegant construction, and high durability. We offer many different types of patio roof shapes to make it easy for you to find the one that suits your requirement. What’s more, we offer 56 different frame colours to match your home’s unique existing architecture.

Here are some more features of our patio roof:

  • Fast installation in 3 days
  • No messy foundations
  • No planning permission required

Tonbridge locals prefer Shaded Cube for patio roof installation projects because we use top-grade materials and provide expert installation.

Talk to us about building a new roof for your patio. Call us today so we can schedule a free visit to your site.

Important Features


Planning permission not always required


No messy foundations


Fast efficient installations


Soft close doors


Usable all year round


All sides fully opening


LED Lights and Heating


Awning above or below roof

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