Pergola Awnings

Adapt to the climate and transform your outdoors into a space of comfort with Pergola Awnings. In London, Kent and other areas in the UK, the weather can be unpredictable. But, you can still make the most of your patio when you install retractable Pergola Awnings, making them excellent additions to your property.

Stylish and Functional Patio Shading

Pergola awnings are made with a permanently erected fixed frame for an effortless shading solution. Suitable for shelter all year long, the awning fabric is supported on the frame so that the rain can run off safely. You can also opt for vertical side walls and doors can be added to the basic frame, creating an enclosed space with a fabric roof.

If you want to enjoy the sun, the fabric of the awning opens out with just a push of a button. If it looks like rain, just click the button again to close the foldable awning.

Our Range of Pergola Awnings

Our pergola awning selection includes:

PergoTex II

Enjoy a wind-stable, rainproof and completely retractable roofing solution with the PergoTex II Cabrio-Folding System. This pergola awning with cabrio folding sections adds a touch of class and has a sophisticated look. This range uses PVC-coated pergola fabrics and comes in 56 frames colours to choose from. You can integrate dimmable, high-power LED single spotlights into the horizontal rails for warm, comfortable lighting during the evening.


Plaza Viva

Designed for outdoor applications, the Plaza Viva is made of flat fabric and a fixed frame for longer, stronger protection against sun, wind and rain. Regardless of the weather, you can enjoy al fresco dining or a relaxing lounge on your patio.


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PergoTex ll

Rain-proof, wind stable and completely retractable

Plaza Viva

This is alfresco living in almost any weather conditions!

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