Terms & Conditions

  1. As with all bespoke, made to order products, cancelation of an order is not possible after the initial deposit has been paid.
  2. The payment terms are 50% deposit when placing the order, and until such deposit is received the order will not be processed. The balance payment is due on the day of installation. Until receipt of full payment is made by the purchaser, Shaded Cube Ltd reserves the right to reclaim goods.
  3. Before installation, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to notify the installers of the position of any cables or water pipes and to also remove or protect any pots or plants from the installation area.
  4. If the purchaser considers the installation/work completed is not in accordance with his/her instructions, they must notify Shaded Cube Ltd in writing within seven days of installation/work being completed.
  5. Shaded Cube Ltd does not accept responsibility for the correct working of its products unless they are fixed by our own skilled installers.
  6. In the case of retractable awnings Shaded Cube Ltd cannot be held responsible for damage caused to them as a result of them being left out in adverse weather conditions, especially strong winds and rain.
  7. If cleaning of the awning is necessary, use a soft brush. The awning has its own set of brushes that clean every time the awning retracts. Never use a jet wash. There are different strength jet washers and they can damage seams, fade fabric, damage the fabric and damage any signwriting. All warranties are void if the beforehand methods are used.
  8. Shaded Cube Ltd does not employ qualified electricians but they will do any electrical work needed to connect the awning to the nearest plug socket. This is standard practice in the awning industry. If the awning is to be wired into the mains, then the purchaser will need to employ a certified electrician to create a fused spur. The fitter can wire up the awning to a plug and test it out before leaving the customer, but leave the final connection into the fused spur, to the electrician.
  9. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Shaded Cube Ltd.’s work will be fitted during normal working hours from Monday to Friday. Any out of hours work or weekend work will incur additional costs.
  10. Where local planning permission may be necessary for, it is the client’s own responsibility to obtain it. Shaded Cube can help to provide information to be used in the application if requested.
  11. Our estimate excludes any cutting away, making good or redecoration of the surrounding area.
  12. For health and safety precautions, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to advise the installer of the presence of any hazardous substances, e.g. asbestos, that may be on site.
  13. Skilled labour and the necessary plant are provided for all installations but where special scaffolding, suspended cradling or hoisting equipment is necessary Shaded Cube Ltd will quote extra for this and get agreement in writing.
  14. The installers will need to have free use of an accessible electric power supply.
  15. Public liability insurance certificates from Shaded Cube Ltd installers are available for inspection on request
  16. Where Health & Safety risk and method statements are required then it is the client’s responsibility to provide Shaded Cube Ltd with contact details and access requirements. If the client needs this then we reserve the right to charge an administration fee of £60.00 + VAT.
  17. Delivery – every effort will be made to comply with agreed dates but we do not accept responsibility for failure caused by events outside of our control. You may be liable for extra charges in the event that Shaded Cube Ltd attend site and the required services are not in place for the schedule.
  18. Shaded Cube Ltd reserve the right to use any photographic images that they may take of your installation in any future publicity materials, unless it is expressly forbidden in writing at the start of the quotation period.


Awnings are usually supplied and fitted within 4 weeks; Glassrooms within 5-6 weeks.  This timetable is subject to manufacturers and shipping agents timetable.