An Outdoor Room for Any Weather

If you’ve been dreaming of turning your patio into a gorgeous outdoor space, a Veranda is for you. Verandas sit beautifully in their surroundings, complementing both the house and the garden. They bring the outside in, giving you a feeling of being outdoors while maintaining the comfort of relaxing indoors. The seamless glass walls allow you to make the most of bright, sunny days or the choice to stay cosy when it is windy or raining.

We were convinced as soon as we sat in one! It was a typical English day in Kent – scudding clouds with just a bit of a chill in the breeze. When the sun was out it was very warm, but it could change quickly. One of those days when you spend your time putting on and then taking off your jumper.

So, we sat inside the Veranda. The perfect temperature was achieved by partially opening the doors along the front. We tried closing the doors, but this was too stuffy. Opening all the doors dropped the temperature quickly but it felt chilly. The flexibility of the room was evident though. We sat there, smug in the knowledge that whatever the weather did we were comfortable.

Quick and Easy Installation

At Shaded Cube, we create stunning Glass Verandas and Rooms for your home in London, Kent, Surrey or Sussex.

The structure starts with the framework and the tempered glass roof. This gives you a veranda. Then start adding glazed sides – either fixed panels or sliding doors. Add fabric screens on the roof and the sides for glare control in the summer. For chillier times, add infra-red heaters which give an immediate heat. Just let our team know what you need and we’ll help you achieve your vision.

Our team provides fast and efficient installation, giving you a Veranda that you can enjoy soon after we supply it – no messy foundations required. Planning permission is not always a necessity when we install our verandas. We guide you throughout the entire process and make sure your Veranda is settled in your property with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

The Shaded Cube team take a focused approach towards business, making sure every detail is planned and well thought out. We work with trusted partners for groundworks and flooring if you want us to manage the whole project. Feel free to discuss your requirements with us and we will install your Veranda accordingly.

Important Features


planning permission not always required


No messy foundations


Fast efficient installations


Soft close doors


Usable all year round


All sides fully opening


LED Lights and Heating


Awning above or below roof


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