Elegant Verandas for Your Bromley Home

Beautiful Verandas in Bromley

Don’t let grey skies and wet weather stop you from enjoying your day – or night – at home.

Bromley experiences mild summers and winters, so residents do not necessarily worry about extremely hot summer days or bitingly cold winter nights. However, precipitation is evenly dispersed throughout the seasons, with cloudy and overcast conditions occurring frequently.

Wet weather is a reality for Bromley residents and patio-loving homeowners can embrace it with the right kind of equipment. With a proper roof system, you can spend as many summer days as possible hosting barbecues for friends and family without the weather gods upsetting your plans.

For example, consider having a completely closed veranda with a weatherproof glazed roof and side walls. This keeps your patio nice and dry while rain softly pitter-patters on the roof. This also protects you from nippy evening breezes while you enjoy a view of the night sky.

Turn Your Patio into a Glass Conservatory

Few things are as relaxing as gazing up at the stars after a long day at work or meditating while mindlessly watching summertime showers outside the window. And, of course, who doesn’t get excited at the thought of hosting a barbecue for family and long-time friends?

Weatherproof your patio so that neither rain nor wind can disrupt your time for relaxation and socialisation. Turn the patio into a glass conservatory – or a veranda – that sits beautifully between the house and your garden. It lets you enjoy the feeling of being outdoors and, at the same time, provides the comfort of relaxing indoors.

Shaded Cube Help You Achieve Your Vision

At Shaded Cube, we create gorgeous verandas in Bromley that are equally elegant and durable. Our verandas are aluminium framed structures with frameless glass doors that boost curb appeal and that withstand time and weather. You can also opt for LED lights and heating that keep you warm during winter.

Our team works hard to achieve your vision. We pay close personal attention, without pressure. Call us for a free site visit and for quick and easy installation.

Important Features


Planning permission not always required


No messy foundations


Fast efficient installations


Soft close doors


Usable all year round


All sides fully opening


LED Lights and Heating


Awning above or below roof

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