Veranda and Conservatory Supplier in Sevenoaks

Verandas in Sevenoaks

Turn the outdoor space adjacent to your house into a year-long shelter where you can let your feet up and enjoy the rain or sunshine without stepping a foot out of your home.

A veranda is a beautiful and functional addition to any home. It transforms an ordinary patio or balcony into a conservatory that can become the envy of the neighbourhood. It is an excellent choice if you want an addition to your home that won’t take long or cost too much to build.

Less fuss, less mess, fewer funds required — Shaded Cube’s verandas are sure to improve your home.

Why Build a Veranda?

Verandas are flexible and may be enjoyed in both cold and warm weather. In the summer, when the sun shines on our side of the Alps, a veranda will let you enjoy the warm sunshine and outdoor scenery whenever you want. More importantly, you get to enjoy this privilege even when it rains.

There’s nothing quite like gazing at your garden or the gorgeous view beyond your property while you have your morning tea. It sets a positive tone for the rest of your day; and when you return in the afternoon or at night after work, you can retreat to your veranda for a well-deserved rest.

With a veranda, your household will want to spend more time at home.


  • Connect with nature – Open your home to the outdoors while keeping out dust, pollen and unwelcome critters.
  • Enhance your home’s interiors – Be as minimalistic as you like with your interior furnishings and design; the view from your glass house can make up for the restrained ornamentation.
  • Extend your living space – Create a breakfast nook, dining and entertainment area, living room or an extra bedroom without tearing down an exterior wall or reinforcing your home’s foundations.
  • Modify the room to your needs – Open the sliding glass doors on all sides or keep them closed (with drapes, to ensure privacy) whenever necessary.

Important Features


Planning permission not always required


No messy foundations


Fast efficient installations


Soft close doors


Usable all year round


All sides fully opening


LED Lights and Heating


Awning above or below roof

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