Charming Glassrooms for Your Tunbridge Wells Home

Glassrooms in Tunbridge Wells

While Tunbridge Wells enjoys mild weather year-round, we do have to deal with sudden showers. Don’t let the wet weather rain on your parade though; you can still enjoy your outdoor space with a beautiful glassroom from Shaded Cube.

Weatherproof and Elegant 

Glassrooms are a modern, elegant, inside/outside space. They give you a beautiful area where you can relax and appreciate the outdoors, while remaining protected from the elements. Since the walls are all made of glass, they can provide a lovely, unobstructed view of your garden. They also vastly improve curb appeal.

When you weatherproof your patio with an enclosed glassroom, you enhance your enjoyment of it. Wind and rain can no longer disrupt your activities, whether you’re just sitting and reading, or hosting a barbeque for family and friends. You no longer have the run inside when it rains; you can just stay put in your lovely glassroom and listen to the gentle pitter-patter of raindrops on your glazed glass roof.

Prompt and Proper Glassroom Installation by Shaded Cube

At Shaded Cube, we build stunning glassrooms that can withstand the weather. They are designed to have soft-close doors and glass walls that can open and close. If you want, we will even install LED lights and heating in your glassroom. You can also get an awning either above or below your glass roof so that you have shade.

Since we don’t have to construct a messy foundation or get planning permissions for the glassroom, you can expect a speedy installation with very minimal disruption to your routine. Once your glassroom has been built and settled on your property, you can immediately enjoy it.

Shaded Cube has more than 35 years of experience in installing glassrooms across the UK. With our expertise, we are more than capable of delivering top-quality installation services. We will be there to guide and advise you throughout the entire process. Contact us today to request a quote.

Important Features


Planning permission not always required


No messy foundations


Fast efficient installations


Soft close doors


Usable all year round


All sides fully opening


LED Lights and Heating


Awning above or below roof

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