SolarGap Blinds

For commercial buildings with large expanses of vertical glazing, SolarGaps blinds will generate electricity whilst making the internal environment more comfortable for the users. The energy produced can offset consumption and the shading negates the requirement for air conditioning in a well-ventilated building.

The smart blinds can assist in achieving green building certification and reduce the carbon footprint of the business. The solar cells are SunPower C60 made of monocrystalline silicon cells with22.4% efficiency. They can reach 100 Watt capacity per 1 square metre during the day, with a lifespan of 25 years.

The solar panels are housed in the aluminium louvres, whilst the motor and ‘brains’ are all hidden away in the headbox. The Venetian Blind is wind resistant and operates from -20℃ up to 60℃. They are fully retractable to allow for window cleaning. The control is via a mobile app.

For homeowners looking to live off-grid, reduce their carbon footprint or maximise their home’s sustainability, then SolarGaps Blinds are also ideal. Especially for upstairs windows where the windows get lots of light and are typically closed during the day. The issue for retro-fitting is usually opening outward windows with no space above to fit the blind, but we are happy to advise further.

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