A veranda provides a sheltered space where you can entertain and relax in the summer, and store outside items from the worst of the winter weather.

An extension is an expensive project with long time-frames. It usually requires planning permission, definitely building regulation approval, foundations, electrics, walls, floors etc. It can be designed by an architect to match any aesthetics and shapes or sizes.

A veranda by comparison is usually installed in 2-4 days and significantly cheaper. The base is simple – often we use existing patios or decking. The thermal break into the house has to be retained – the existing doors and windows are retained for insulation and security.

A veranda with glazed doors and side panels makes an outside room. The glazing is single glazed and not sealed. It will not be totally usable all year round without outdoor clothing on and maybe some heaters. But with a coat on and infra-red heat, even in cold weather you can have a quiet reading corner, or a cocktail bar with a disco ball to dance under. You should furnish it with outdoor furniture and fabrics to avoid fading and mould.

So if you are looking to use your garden or outside space more, if you love entertaining and need more space, if you have an outdoor kitchen and a penchant for barbecuing then a veranda is perfect for you.